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Monday, January 2, 2012

Christmas Tree Skirt

To make a great tree skirt using the 10 degree wedge ruler.  First you need three different fabrics.  Cut into strips

A...12 strips...5 1/2 x width  (my red)
B...12 strips...3 1/2 x width  (my green)
C....6  strips...2 1/2 x width  (my black print)

Fabric needed......A...2 yd
                             B...1 3/8 yd
                             C    3/4 yd
                           Backing 3 1/8 yd
                           Batting 54 x 54
                           Binding  5/8 yd

Sew the strips together...will have three of these strip sets.  Offset the strips to bottom...2 inch, 3.5, 2.5, 3.5  
You will also have three of these strip sets.  Offset these by starting with bottom red...3.5inches, 2.5,3.5,2Now it's time to get the ruler out. Put the 45 degree line between the green and the black fabric.  Cut 6 wedges per strip set. So a total of 36 wedges.18 wedges each pileSew the wedges together.  Two at a time and then sew those together so you have four.  Keep going till you have them all together but leave one side open.  Now I just need to find some backing.  Hope this makes sense and you can make one for next year.   Happy New Year.


  1. I lovvvvveeee your tree skirt!!!

  2. I'm from Germany and was looking for a pattern for a tree skirt. Little bit late for this year, but I will try sewing next year. Thanks for explanation and pictures. I love it!!!